Time & Location
• Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:30am (For directions, go here.)
• Dress how you like. Most people will be casual.
• You will be greeted by friendly people who can assist you with getting to know the building and answer any questions you might have.
• Feel free to ask for a peek at the Nursery or Children’s Church.

The Beginning of the Meeting
At 10:30AM the music team will begin leading us in worshiping God together. The style of the music is upbeat and contemporary, and the atmosphere is joyful and expressive. We sing God-centered songs that you might hear on the radio and time proven classics that are still treasures. After the singing, you’ll hear a few announcements, and there will be an opportunity for members to give tithes and offerings (but we never ask our guests to contribute financially).

The Meeting
At the core of the service, you’ll hear a message that is faithful to God’s Word, focused on Jesus Christ, and oriented toward practical application. We believe that preaching is vitally important, so we devote about 40 minutes to the sermon. After that, we may close the meeting with a song or with prayer.

After the Meeting
The meeting will end around noon, but feel free to stay longer. We have snacks and beverages available in the fellowship room where people enjoy catching up, laughing together, and praying with one another. We hope you’ll stick around for a while too.

Listen to Recent Messages from Pastor Mike