The Story of the Vase

The Reflecting Vase

I felt the Lord remind me of this for you as a church this morning.  And this is what I felt He was saying in it, this is what I felt He was saying to me, “Your healing carries in it redemption for others.”  And this vase could not have been made with one sheet of mirror, the mirror had to be broken and it had to be broken up into small pieces.  That’s not an easy thing to do when you have a big sheet of mirror but it needs to be broken.  And as it was broken, it could then be put together by a Master Craftsman, who knew what He was doing.   God knew what he had in mind, he had the vase shape in his mind.  He could do it, and he was skilled enough to do it, and he put those broken bits together and made something beautiful out of it.

And I just sense that that is part of what God is doing with you as a church.  I would not have taken, or bought, or paid money for broken little bits of mirror.  If the guy in the shop would have said, “Oh here is what you need; you need this little bag of broken bits of mirror!”  I would have said, “No, I’m not paying money for that.”  But God  had the vision of putting it together, and I believe this is a picture of the church here.  Somebody has got the plan in His hand, knows what He is doing (and can do it) and is wanting to put broken bits together.  And out of that, there is going to be a reflection that has redemptive purposes.

That’s a high calling; it’s a very high calling.  And the thing was, that not only were they put together, but each piece in that vase is unique because it was not made by a machine, it was just broken.  Each bit is different it wasn’t squares of mosaic, it wasn’t like these windows which have been cut to shape with a view to fit them together.  These were broken that every piece is unique, and I just think there is such freedom in that.  Over the last few days, one of the phrases we were looking at afresh that has meant a lot to Dave and me over the years is this, “Different, but not wrong.”  You can have different, but not wrong.  And I feel there is freedom in that for everybody here.  You are uniquely you; with your story, with your journey, with your struggles, with your victories.  You have something unique to add in, God wants to join you together.

And my plea would be that you would be joined, because God is building this church.  He is not looking for individuals.  He’s concerned about the individual, He loves the individual and He knows the individual intimately; but He is looking to build something together.  That suggests relationships.  The most important thing is the joining of those bits of mirror to make it into the vase.  It’s only as the vase that I can put it into my bathroom and it can do the thing it is meant to do.  I want to tell you, I am thrilled to bits with my vase; it has totally transformed my bathroom.

Chris Richards – March 4th, 2012